Here are our Projects to improve the quality of life in our beautiful Jamaica.


  • Mitaani Kuu – An internet application for showcasing your home business, or for finding a job to match your skills, for gauging the need of a new service, with customer rating and profile matching, etc.
  • Jahmakeyah Radio – Radio for the whole family. Reggae, R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Jazz, Classical, and more.
  • A Beautiful Tree, Adaptation for Jamaica – An inspirational story, adapted from the Mojakore story, with an empowerment theme showing a collaborative effort to restore traditional paradigms and values in a social engineering setting
  • Tuwaza – An internet application, similar to blogs, but with added profile-matching and comment-rating features.
  • Kupatana – An internet application that enables people to create and manage online workgroups,
  • Jahmakeyah Investment Group – Initially, a collection of information and recommendations for investors of all levels ( including no level )
  • Fun ‘N Sun – An internet application for creating and managing Entertainment plans, either for travel or local use, with ratings, profile-matching, and other features.
  • Glass Class – An internet application to match students with tutors, for GED Subjects, Languages, and more.
  • Daycare – An internet application to match Providers with Parents, with Providers achieving online Degrees through study, along with the Parents.