I searched to find overwhelming evidence in line with my own experiences. For me, it worked very well!

Instead though, I found mostly studies about whether you can affect people’s decision to buy products with subliminal software. I think it’s far more important question that you make significant changes in your life with subliminal software. The money question I see as second to that ( although also important ).

Ok, so here it is. Yes, in my opinion subliminal software has proven effective in “bringing out” aspects of my own personality that I wanted to further develop or emphasize. In my opinion, either subliminal software does work, or else at least the belief that it can work can itself bring about desired effects in personality, memory, focus, and things that are related to consciousness.

How useful is that information? I don’t think anyone who isn’t ready to believe this is going to believe it regardless of what I say here. But if you were on the fence about it, then my advice is to check further. Give it a shot. It really seemed to work for me.

With subliminal software running on your PC, you just select the traits you desire – enhanced confidence, increased
brain power, improved health, personal development – then let the
program run in the background, while you use your PC. That’s it!

The basic idea of subliminal power is to flash faint text messages on your computer screen at regular intervals while you work.

The text is so faint that you can hardly see it and it appears so briefly on the screen that you don’t get a chance to see what it said. But that, say the makers of Subliminal Power, is the whole point of the program. The theory goes that you don’t consciously get a chance to read the messages but your subconscious does.

And, if you’ve read any books on how your mind works, you’ll realize that what we accept into our subconscious minds as being true can have a profound effect upon our lives.

What the Subliminal Power software does is to provide a way to slip positive thoughts into our subconscious minds effortlessly while working or playing on the computer.

It’s really the visual equivalent of those subliminal self-hypnosis tapes and CDs that have been around for a long time now. You can become whatever or whoever you want to be without any effort – or that’s what they say.

Perhaps it sounds all a bit unlikely but some governments take this form of influence so seriously that, because of results from experimental research, subliminal messages are banned from television broadcasts. Interesting, huh?

How do you use Subliminal Power software?

The idea is that you run the Subliminal Power software in the background on your PC and it runs through lists of predefined messages of subliminal stimuli to slip into your subconscious.

You are supposed to just use your computer as normal and all these messages pop up without you noticing them consciously and they are supposed to change your beliefs, get you more motivated, boost your self-esteem etc. without ANY effort whatsoever on your part. The messages that get displayed depend upon the “programs” (or scripts) you have selected.

The software comes with more than twenty predefined subliminal scripts with titles such as Creative Thinking Mindset, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight Quickly and so on. The idea seems to be to cover a wide range of issues that users might want to deal with.

Examples of displayed messages might be: “My creativity flows freely”, “I combine old thoughts to make new ideas”, “Inspiration is all around me” and so on. (These were taken at random from Creative Thinking Mindset)

You can even create your own subliminal scripts if you are feeling adventurous. Or you can edit the existing ones to phrase the messages slightly differently to fit in better with your personality. Basically, you just let the software run and do it’s thing and you just enjoy the results.

My advice: Check it out. If not the same one I used, check out another that sounds like a match for you. But the technology does seem to work in my experience.