Announcement: There Were No Jahmakeyah Winners for January 2018!!

The Campaign Continues for Febrary 2018, but with Double Prize Levels!!

After adding the points for the Viral Marketing Giveaway:

  • registering for the newsletter
  • referring friends to register for the newsletter
  • including a promo code or referral email when registering for the newsletter
  • posting comments on the site,

The winners for the January 2018 Giveaways for and are as follows:

01/31/2018Jahmakeyah – No Winner, Double-prize levels for February!!

01/31/2018Mojakore – Chynepoo W., Clarendon, Jamaica


Good luck to our February contestants!


The Viral Marketing Giveaway Details are:

Sign-up for our free newsletter today and be entered into the $3000 JMD Jahmakeyah Viral Marketing GiveAway at month-end! ( $6000 JMD for February 2018 )

Refer friends, to be entered again and again. Another entry for each referral!

Include a promo code or referring email when you sign up, to double your entry!

Post a comment on the site to any Blog post, to be entered again, and again up to 3 entries for comment posts!

Sign up and give a $100 JMD donation, and be entered into a separate $10000 JMD GiveAway for subscribed members! ( $20000 JMD for February 2018 )

The Prizes will be awarded in the form of a Gift Card(s) of your choice with the given value at the end of the month.

Promo Codes:

Promo codes will be distributed to sales associates who will promote the business and the campaign in different areas

Click here if you find a business our sales associates should add to our promotional network.

Sales associates – Register here to find out more about our promo code program, and to receive a code.

Previous Winner Announcements:

12/31/2017 – Catesha V., Durham, NC, USA


( Optional: Please note the paypal donation will be for $0.80 USD, while we’re configuring the site to collect 100 JMD )

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