Prime Minister Andrew Holness included, in his address to Parliament this week, a plan to further address the historical problem of controlling the gangs — a problem stemming from their role in Jamaica achieving her independence.

This is the kind of progress that’s going lead to an influx of foreign investment in Jamaica while at the same time improving the effectiveness of the economy creating conditions for exponential growth that we looked at earier ( Investment in Jamaica – Forecast for Growth.

Budget Presentation 2018 – #Action2018
Currently, the research is being undertaken to guide the establishment of a watchlist. Persons placed on the watchlist by the courts will be subject to enhanced surveillance and other measures.

“… for too long we have accepted the concept of a ‘Don’ as an almost legitimate leader in our society…”

“… in other countries, the equivalent of their ‘Dons’ who plan and execute mass gruesome killings, challenge the authority of the state, and drive fear into citizens… They are placed on watchlists. Their movements are curtailed…”

This and other measures planned and already implemented are exactly what Jamaica needs to see significant change in quality of life.