Thank you for your spirit, ready to take on any challenge that might face your baby, your child, your family.

Thank you for your spirit, patiently working with us as we develop more knowledge, and less hard-headed-ness as you watch us grow.

Thank you for your spirit, enduring as life sends you challenges and sends your family challenges, and laughing inside as we meet those challenges with our particular … special ways of handling things.

Thank you for your spirit, welcoming our families that we bring to be another part of your family.

May God bring you a special Joy on this day, and continue to bring Joy throughout the year, just as I, we, will continue to Love you throughout the year.

Always remember how much you mean to me, to all of us.

When we close our eyes and pull back from the distractions of the world, part of the peace we come
back to, is peace we learned being held by you since the very first day.

Love you, Endlessly and with All my Spirit.

Thank you, for being so wonderful!!