Jahmakeyah is an enterprise created by Mojakore with a mission to improve the quality of life in Jamaica, with the largest GDP of any Black country in the Western Hemisphere .

Our strategy is to provide an internet-based infrastructure that will enable people to efficiently share information, form workgroups, and to efficiently form businesses that are in line with our primary mission.

We will start by providing the public with:

  • An internet application for showcasing your business, for finding a job to match your skills, or for checking the demand for a new business ( Mitaani Kuu )
  • An internet program for sharing information ( Tuwaza )
  • An internet program for forming and working in workgroups ( Kupatana )
  • News content in line with our mission
  • Entertainment content to build our customer base
  • Products, both entertainment-related and related to our mission:
    o Books
    o Audio and Visual Media
    o Leading technology consumer devices

We will also provide business services to businesses that provide services and products in line with our mission. Our payment structure will be to accept a percentage of the business attributable to the joint effort. Services we will provide will include:

  • Web development / maintenance
  • Company logo development
  • Business Plan development
  • Marketing Plan development
  • Other services as we gain experience and develop other skillsets and human resources