Jahmakeyah.com’s focus is on use of advances in Technology and IT / Project Management methodologies to be a part of Jamaica’s forward progress: social, economic, every area affecting our Quality of Life.

The purpose of Mitaani Kuu is to enable Jamaicans to launch businesses and organizations, and to showcase their products and services to our consumers more easily.  Also, we will enable our people to create ads, and to get their resumes to our businesses more easily.

The commission is 3%, up to $550 JMD per sale/month.

Current focus: Jamaican-owned tourist businesses, banks and financial institutions, lawyers, accountants,professionals in Marketing, Web Design, Printing, Advertising, Insurance, businesses exporting goods and services overseas, IT, Project Management, entertainment, news, investment, retail companies including clothing, cosmetics, pharmacies, discount stores, rentals, toys, books, everything!

Special focus at first on Jamaican-owned businesses in tourism, those providing services to people starting new businesses, and those exporting goods and services overseas.

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